I will me mixing a boggie blues track. The track had drums, bass guitar,rhythm /lead guitar/ piano, and acoustic guitar. I have 3 set's of drums, a two track mix down of some live drums logic drummer and one copy of Steven slate Drums that I have created. I don't know what drummer im gonna use but will be playing around with the mix. The acoustic guitar is Kontakt 5 strummed acoustic guitar I don't use it much just did not wanna mike up the acoustic guitar to manny people in the house/studio with the 4th so im gonna see what happens. Hope you all enjoy.

Hi everyone, I'm Rhett Pietzman from central IL, and I have been in the music business over 35 years. I have worked in the studio for 25 years and have worked thousands of local and national sound jobs over the years, and I even found time to perform music live as-well. What I'm offering is simple and straight forward. You won't see any fancy studio photos on my site because I now work in the box (DAW) with a small amount of out board gear. I do, however, have a nice room and monitoring environment. I have also been told I have a good pair of ears. I have worked with analogue gear for years, so I know the sounds I'm after, and will work the master until I'm happy. Mastering is not a magical fix, at best you are looking at a 3% difference. So if someone submits a track that is not ready for mastering, there is nothing I can do that will save the track. I'm very upfront and I just tell it like it is. I can't offer a service like this if i'm spending all day on a track. So if you submit a track that is not ready for mastering, that's fine, but I will shoot you an email and let you know that my service will not improve your track.

Uploading Your Music. Click upload your music today located in the top navigation. Submit your track and enter your contact info. I will then master your music. When I have completed your master I will send you an email letting you know that you can sample your new master. If you like the master simply click the download button and download your new master. I do not make any revisions so all sales are final. So please sample your master before you buy. The reason is simple. I'm offering my service at a very fair price and your under no obligation to buy the master. I will do my best to get you a kick ass master.

Price $20.00 per Song. After I master your track I will send you a link and password so you can sample and download if you choose. After you buy your master It will be removed from our server completely.